About Us

Welcome to Ghooomlo

Ghooomlo is a travel and tourism company comprising a team of young and veteran, creative, passionate, and dynamic professional legends. We also cover the complete event planning management.

Our Journey

Welcome to a travel and tour operator. We tend to provide our clients with an experience that will be everlasting and contribute a lot to society.

Pakistan is indeed the number one tourist destination in the world. The landscape of Pakistan is very different; it ranges from the world’s highest mountains of the Karakorum, Himalayas and valleys, lakes of Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the north through dissected plateaus to the rich alluvial plains of Punjab. Not less than the hot deserts of Sindh and the barrenness of desert-full Balochistan blending into miles and miles of beaches on the Makran Coastal Highway in the south.

We as a team Ghooomlo decided to let the people know about the actual beauty of Pakistan. We try to work on the image of the country as well since most of the travellers hesitate to visit us as they have seen the bad side from the media’s channels. Our efforts are to promote tourism, diverse culture, and delicious local food.


Our Goal

Our objective is to give reliable, efficient, and quality services to our customers.

Since most of the side of the country doesn’t even know the places that exist. We bring them together and help the locals to travel and explore the world as they come from the different aspects of life; i.e. students, officials, professionals, couples, families & kids and teenagers.

To do better research and develop solutions to save our customer’s time, money and the effort that they put. We believe that we do not compromise the quality of our service.

To maintain our quality control system and make the customer satisfied even with after-sale services. Mainly, the best part of our operating services is to maintain continual interaction with our clients and to be able to give a response on spot to the client’s questions, concerns, suggestions, and needs.

Our Services

Travel & Tourism Guide

Ticketing Service

Holiday Planner

Hotel booking

Birthday Events


Wedding Events

Food Catering

Visa Consultancy

Corporate Event Planning

Our Management

Shaban ul-Muazzam

Founder & Managing Director at Ghooomlo

As a founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Shaban ul-Muazzam leads the GHOOOMLO group in its purpose; to promote tourism in Pakistan and let the World know what Pakistan is offering, not just in the tourism industry but in other sectors too. His vision is to create a positive image of the country.